Wool – Hem Mills Inc.
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Wool is a fabric that has been used since humans realized that fabric could be woven into usable materials; wool still holds up to the test of time due to a number of inherent factors that can be efficiently optimized for a variety of uses. When created in tandem with hemp to create a mixture, the material can be allowed to shine to its fullest potential.

The most advantageous aspect of utilizing wool is the natural moisture absorption of the material, otherwise known as “regain.” Wool can contain up to 15% of the surrounding water in its environment while remaining about the same weight and feel. This is a huge advantage to a wearer in damp or humid climates, but Hem Mills Inc. is not willing to stop there. We have pushed through to a wool-hemp combination mixture, utilizing the enormous regain capabilities of both materials to create a super water-absorbent and resistant material.

In addition to the natural cohesion with water, wool is naturally an extremely strong and sturdy fiber, while also remaining light. On sheep, wool acts as a sort of fabric armor, overlapping to create a scale-like structure that can both absorb water without becoming cumbersome and protect the sheep from the elements and predators. Using the Hem Mills Inc. unique blend, wool is further optimized for both of its natural strengths, showing incredible durability under duress while also being completely capable of going through wet climates or situations.

This is perfectly applied to socks and other garments, which can very easily be susceptible to moisture intake. Wool naturally does not feel damp or clammy for the wearer, even in times of high moisture absorption or even when soaked through. When hemp is added in, the resulting fabric is one the likes of which cannot be seen elsewhere, capable of providing consumers with a unique combination of comfort, durability, and affordability.


OEKO-TEX Certified