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For many Americans, the most valuable commodity in their life is simple: Sleep. According to the Control for Disease Control and Prevention, the working-age adult needs an average of 7 hours of sleep a night for optimal performance and quality of life. However, according to a study by Gallup, 40% of Americans sleep for an average of less than 6 hours a night. The reasons for this can be abundant, but for many, the problem lies with the sleeping surface.

Many Americans are sleeping on mattresses that are scratchy, uncomfortable, heavy, too hot, or not warm enough. This is the part where Hem Mills Inc. steps in, using a new fabric created by combining Tencel and hemp. Tencel, a fabric often used in mattresses for those with sensitive skin, has classically been a useful fabric in the sleep industry, but with two major drawbacks: It is expensive, and the durability of the material can weaken over time.

Fortunately, hemp is a perfect material to remedy these problems, and this is exactly what we have managed to do. The hybrid material takes the strengths of both materials and fuses them into one, creating a soft, durable, water-absorbent material perfect for even the most troublesome sleepers. Sleeping on a mattress made with this material will be an experience irreplicable with any other material, unless the sleeper is fortunate enough to sleep on the clouds themselves. Comforting, embracing, and soothing, while absorbing a high amount of moisture, the fabric is perfect to keep the sleeper in a deep, restoring, refreshing sleep. Allow Hem Mills Inc. to solve the mattress part of the sleep epidemic. A rested America will continue to move forward, and Hem Mills Inc. is here to do its part in providing the fabric to do so.

Though use in mattresses is common for Tencel, we can provide Tencel blended fabrics for whatever purpose you may wish to use it for. Let us know what your hopes are with our fabric, and our textile engineers can find the correct blend for you.


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