Silver – Hem Mills Inc.
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Sometimes, life won’t stop stacking the odds against you. When it comes to injury, there is no better fabric to trust than the silver-hemp hybrid, produced and optimized at Hem Mills Inc. The fabric is woven with nylon infused silver. Blended with a unique mixture of nylon and hemp, the Hem Mills silver fabric is a reliable and effective first line of defense when unfortunate circumstances arise, and the human body is in need of repair.
Silver naturally has medicinal properties, shown in the natural resistance to antibodies and the high natural electrical conductivity of the material. This unique natural profile results in a fabric built to withstand any sort of injury or ailment the human body can undergo, at least on the exterior. At Hem Mills, we sought out a way to make it even better, and the answer was nylon and hemp. The nylon increases the durability and flexibility of the material, while also making it more cost-effective.
The hemp is the star player, bringing in much-needed added water absorption, durability, and sustainability. This combination is used to create bandages that truly cannot be matched. Optimized to be both light and easy to manufacture, the bandages give antibodies no space to operate. Diseases are stopped at the door by the bouncer that is silver, and the bandages are in it for the long haul, after the durability boost from hemp and nylon.
The enhanced water absorption granted by the hemp allows the bandages to function even in the most strenuous of situations. Athletes can be confident that their wraps and braces will not be compromised by sweat or blood, and when it is needed, wounds will be clean and safeguarded by the dangers of the outside world.


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