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Modal is a fabric fiber that is not well-known to the general public, and for good reason. It is a material that carries with it an attitude, and a mindset. A commitment to performance, and to aesthetics. For people and places that are pushing boundaries, and always seeking to go that extra mile, modal is the performance fiber built to last, all while being beautiful to look at. Wearers will be confident in the clothes on their backs, and confident in the steps taken in those clothes.

Modal is a wood pulp based cellulosic fiber, that must be blended with another staple fiber to be optimized fully. The advantages it has are enormous, particularly for those willing to push it to the limits. The fiber has a truly remarkable tenacity and durability, making it a fiber that works more as armor than clothing. Fabrics made with it are incredibly light and aesthetically pleasing.

The reasons that modal hasn’t been utilized more is due to cost and maintenance. Pure modal requires strenuous ironing to remain at top strength, and is expensive to produce and utilize. This is the part where hemp comes in, to make the performance fabric of every outdoor person’s dream. The hemp mixture ramps up the already incredible regain factor of modal, allowing it to shrug off water at all stages, keeping the wearer feeling light and free. However, the blend also becomes more cost-effective, and becomes stronger.

Modal is a fiber that is a boon when utilized by the right person, and will be a revelation for those willing to test the limits of the fabric. With hemp-infusion, the fabric has shattered the previous ceiling of flexible, light, and durable fabrics, making this combination the go-to material for all of life’s more robust undertakings.


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