Cotton – Hem Mills Inc.
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At Hem Mills Inc., cotton is a fiber that has taken on a new life and meaning for both buyers and producers alike. Cotton is a fiber that has been a hallmark of clothing for millenia; hemp is also a material that has seen a variety of uses since the dawn of human civilization.

At Hem Mills, we decided to see what the result would be of combining the two into one fabric. The result: A luxuriously soft fabric with a flexible texture, capable of leaving other cotton hybrids behind in the dust. Wearers of Jersey Knit hemp shirts have done so long ago, as the wondrous fabric leaves the wearer feeling light, free, and fully functional, no matter the clothing occasion.

Cotton is naturally a very soft fabric that can be optimized for clothing, but it has always had the relative downside of being heavily processed and lacking in durability. Cotton clothing either is made lightly while being vulnerable to wear or tear, or sturdily while sacrificing the trademark soft fit that cotton is so valued for. Hemp can be utilized to solve both problems, while also enhancing the fabric across the board.

Hemp will amplify the already high water resistance and absorption capabilities of cotton, making a piece of clothing or material extremely reliable in rain, snow, or high humidity climates. In addition to this, hemp is four times stronger than cotton naturally, so the fabric will gain much-needed added durability, but without sacrificing the softness of the cotton. In essence, the blending of these two ancient materials creates a super-fabric that is optimal for wearers that want a comfortable piece of clothing, but without giving up the ability to be a little rougher around the edges.


OEKO-TEX Certified