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Hem Mills inc. 100% Hemp American Made.

  100% Hemp Webbing, Jersey Knit, 10 oz. Canvas, Jacquard, Hemp Hats, Blended Hemp Yarn and More. All Woven and Knit in Concord, NC, USA. America's largest hemp manufacturing textile mill and the world's source for hemp textile innovations. 

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There’s a Twist to the American Textile Export

There is something going on that might put America as the most valuable nation on the map of the world in terms of textile exports. Surprisingly, it might not be for the export of cotton this time. Instead, you now have companies like Hem Hemp that are producing hemp yarn and the many items made from this fabric. Yes, you read that right! The stalks from the hemp plant produce this yarn with qualities that leave behind cotton. The yarns might not be stronger than cotton per se, but it is the Hem Hemp technology at the core that has made this yarn much more reliable than cotton. Hem Mills is the largest Hemp Mill and specializes in 100% Hemp Webbing. Customers buy 100% hemp webbing in custom widths, 100% hem webbing in custom colors, and 100% hemp webbing at prices that are competitive to what they are importing from other coutnries. 

This fabric produced by Hem is perfect for producing products like boxing gloves because of their moisture wicking qualities. Not to mention, Hem’s hemp yarn is an enemy to microbes requiring no additional processes to make anti-microbial. 

Hand wraps, boxing gloves, and dog leashes are some of the products that have become a center of attraction initially for people who want a better fabric with smaller carbon footprint. Most importantly, Americans want to buy something that can benefit their country in some way. For someone interested in supporting the initiatives of the company to produce dog leashes and hand wraps made from Hem’s hemp weaving technology, they can look at the company’s Kickstarter campaign here

Hemp Weaving and the Future of Textile Industry in America

Cotton is cotton. While it has benefitted the American economy for three centuries, there is only so much that industries can do with it now. It has reached a point where cotton productions have been explored in every way possible. On other hand, the world demands innovation today, and that’s hemp weaving is capable of giving. Fortunately, America has companies like Hem Hemp that have already established trust and innovated a new type of fabric that can give people what they want. Did you know cotton uses three times more water than hemp when you measure their consumption on a per acre basis? 

It seems, hemp weaving is ticking all the boxes for American textile industry. It is innovative. It offers more benefits than cotton fabric. And most importantly, it is lighter on the resources of the planet, which is the most critical of concerns for the global population today. 

Final Thoughts

America definitely has a chance to carve its name as a major textile exporter of the world. More importantly, it can do that with innovation, not by flooding the global markets with more cotton. If people support companies like Hem Hemp and governments take notice of hemp weaving and its benefits, there is no doubt America “will” be the major textile exporter of the world in the coming decades.



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