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About Us

Hem Mills inc. is America's largest and most advanced hemp weaving and knitting mill. We have developed products for athetics performance brands, medical supply companies, medical prosthetic professionals, and post surgical wound care products for a myriad of niche industries. 
Finally there is a manufacturer in the United States, NC. that can provide you with worldclass product development and manufacturing for hemp textiles. We specialize in 100% Hemp Webbing and offer exclusive woven patterns such as herringbone, twill, english, plain, canvas. This is the largest selection of hemp webbing offered globally. 
Hem Mills inc. is also the domestic manufacturing leader of Hemp Jersey Knit, Elastic Hemp Tubular Knits, Elastic Hemp Webbing, and Elastic Hemp Surgical Bandages. 
Product list:
  • 100% Hemp Webbing 
  • 100% Hemp Webbing Herringbone
  • Elastic Hemp Knits 
  • Elastic Hemp Tubular Narrow Knitting
  • Hemp Webbing Widths 0.25" - 2.25" 
  • Hemp Elastic Bandages 
  • Blended Hemp Webbing 
  • Hemp Jersey Knit 
  • 100% Biodegradable Blended Hemp Jersey Knit 
  • Custom Spun Hemp Yarn 
  • Performance Hemp AthleticWare 
  • Hemp Circle Knit